You asked ... we listened ... here it is!
We're pleased to announce the launch of the Atlanta Chapter of 
Shots & Stilettos Gun Club 
for the sexy, sassy, sophisticated and discriminating women of Atlanta!
We've got you covered...
We searched for and now have teamed up with Atlanta's top notch, certified, insured, law enforcement and military vetted firearms professionals to provide our members with a safe and enjoyable firearms experience. Whether you have never seen a firearm up close and personal, or have an insatiable appetite for learning how to handle it safely and proficiently for fun or self defense .. we've got you covered! 
Not your ordinary Women's Gun Club..
If you're up to it, we'll train you up from novice to sniper, with smooth and silky Sig Sauers, to the controversial, surprisingly un-intimidating AR-15. But that's not the half of it ... you'll learn more than you ever dreamed of, at our unpublished, safe and secure meetings in the most posh and pretty places in and around the Atlanta Metroplex. We protect your privacy by never publicizing nor disclosing our member names, meeting dates, times or locations to non members. Our deep cover membership options are coming soon.
Shots & Stilettos Day Parties!
There will be times when we'll put away, safely, securely and separately ... the guns and ammunition, (which is why we have certified firearms professionals in house at all times) giving way to different kinds of shots to go with those stilettos. We'll fire up our refreshing, signature Shots & Stilettos adult beverage aptly named "Just Shoot Me", for a fun, refreshing toast (any excuse will do) suitable to the order of the day.
 Stay tuned for how to unlock your  introductory
$99 Shots & Stilettos Membership!
til then ... shoot your best shot!

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