Education Council on Personal Safety & Security, (ECOPSS) Inc                                                                                     Safe Teens Project

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Most teenagers leave home untrained and unprepared to recognize and effectively respond to known and foreseeable threats to their personal health, safety, security and freedoms. Navigating today's global, sometimes dangerous society is more complex than ever.

Developed by attorneys, educators and law enforcement officials, Safe Teens Project courses prepare and empower our youth with Streetwise Survival Skills.

For information about our briefly described, unique and customizeable courses listed below, call for details 404-963-6234.

Law School for Teens

Safe Interactions With Law Enforcement, Legal Terms They Should Know, Ignorance Is No Excuse, Knowing Your Rights,

Making Safe & Smart Choices

Secrets of College & University Life

Hazing, Safe Dating, How to Say NO, Substance Abuse, Initiations, Studying Abroad, Tricks/Cons/Ruses, On & Off Campus, Peer Pressure

Avoiding Social Media Traps

Digital Footprints, Scholarship Loss, You're Being Watched, Sexting, Legal Implications, Your Reputation, How to Lose It All in 1 "Send", Distracted Driving 

Before Fun Turns Fatal

The Power of Before, The New Now, No Do Overs, CPR/AED/First Aid Training, Basic Self Defense Training, Rape Aggression Defense, Kidnapping, Human Trafficking, Abduction Defense